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your best bath ever

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The complete guide to a relaxing bath (or shower!).

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  • Even a brief shower or bath can help promote relaxation.
  • Following a few easy steps can transform bathing from a chore into the highlight of your day.
  • Many of us don't realize it, but body care plays a big role in our cultural history. Through the centuries, bath and shower rituals have served many purposes beyond hygiene – from healing and purification to relaxation and socialization.

    Today, the idea of trying to squeeze a relaxing bath into our packed schedules often seems like an unattainable luxury. In reality, it's more relevant than ever: some studies even suggest that people who take regular baths are happier and less stressed than their peers!

    Fortunately, making your next bath a restorative experience is surprisingly easy. Follow these easy-to-implement steps to bring a sense of calm and balance to your day – whether you're taking a five-minute shower or a relaxing bath.

    every minute counts
    Most days, we don't have time for an immersive, relaxing bathing experience. That's ok! Even a quick shower or bath can help to promote healthy sleep, ease tension and even promote creativity.

    set the ambiance
    Begin each bath or shower with a clean bathroom and a calm environment: choose soft lighting, a scented candle or a relaxing playlist. Think about your bath products, too; soothing scent profiles like those featured in the Dermalogica Body Collection can also help create a relaxing atmosphere.

    Particularly if you're enjoying a long bath, keep a glass of water on a bench or tray to help you stay hydrated.

    bathe clean
    Taking a cue from traditional Japanese bathing culture, we recommend a quick pre-bath shower using a skin-nourishing cleanser like Conditioning Body Wash. This allows the bath to be simply about relaxing and soaking.

    temperature matters
    Whether bathing or showering, avoid making the water too warm: super-hot temperatures can dry out your skin, and potentially cause skin conditions like Eczema or Rosacea to flare up. A good temperature benchmark is right around your own body temperature: 98.6 degrees.

    don't overdo it
    Take some time to relax, but don't exceed 30 minutes: prolonged showers or baths can strip away skin's beneficial oils and disturb its natural lipid barrier. If skin feels dry after your bath or shower, help restore its barrier with a nutrient-rich, skin-replenishing oil like Phyto Replenish Body Oil.

    after the bath
    When possible, take a moment after the bath to center yourself before returning to your daily life: read a book, sip some tea, and relax for as long as your schedule allows.